Audits Aviation Safety Management Systems Audits

One of the air carrier’s most critical activities is their auditing programs and process improvement programs. Without these programs airline leadership has no reliable basis for decision-making, but more importantly, they may not have access to critical safety information.

Too many times organizations rely solely on the FAA’s Data Collection Tools for their audit information. It is important to keep in mind that the FAA’s data collection tools were developed for use on a wide scope of operators. As a result, the FAA’s tools lack the specificity required to actually provide any meaningful audit information to airline decision makers. With the regulatory implementation of the Safety Management System program requirements, the air carrier is now required to shoulder more and more of the responsibility for maintaining the “audit – process improvement” loop.

A-SMS personnel are especially qualified to assist you in developing a meaningful audit program that actually measures the reliability and functionality of your processes, training and performance. In addition, A-SMS can develop customized audit forms for items you want to measure and provide audit training for your internal auditors. Many of our customers have asked us to conduct pre-inspections/pre-audits in anticipation of FAA audits, including local and national Air Carrier Evaluations.